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Question 1: An attempted Jacobite invasion with Spanish assistance in 1719 met with little support from the clans and ended at the ________.
Battle of Glen ShielClan FraserJacobite RisingWar of the Quadruple Alliance

Question 2: During the 16th century, Scotland underwent a ________.
Protestant ReformationCounter-ReformationEast–West SchismCrusades

Question 3: Pre-eminent in contemporary literature were ________, an Ayrshire poet, and Sir Walter Scott, a prolific writer of ballads, poems and the historical novels.
Mary ShelleyRobert BurnsGeorge Gordon Byron, 6th Baron ByronSamuel Taylor Coleridge

Question 4: Parliament's demands for reform in England eventually resulted in the ________.
English peopleOliver CromwellEnglish Civil WarEnglish Reformation

Question 5: Scottish troops played a major part in the defeat of Charles I, notably at the ________.
Battle of Marston MoorBolton MassacreFirst English Civil WarSiege of York

Question 6: The day before his death, he was brought news of the birth of an heir: a daughter, who became ________.
James V of ScotlandMary, Queen of ScotsJames I of EnglandJames II of England

Question 7: Glasgow became one of the largest cities in the world, and known as "the Second City of the Empire" after ________.

Question 8: The history of Scotland begins around 14,000 years ago, when humans first began to inhabit what is now ________ after the end of the Devensian glaciation, the last ice age.
United KingdomEnglandWalesScotland

Question 9: In 1644, ________ attempted to raise the Highlands for the King.
James Graham, 1st Marquess of MontroseBattle of CarbisdaleCovenanterArchibald Campbell, 1st Marquess of Argyll

Question 10: ________ hunter-gatherer encampments formed the first known settlements, and archaeologists have dated an encampment near Biggar to around 8500 BC.
Mesolithic9th millennium BCStone Age10th millennium BC


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