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History of Rome: Quiz


Question 1: This act forever severed the loyalty of Rome from its imperial progeny, ________.
Byzantine EmpireByzantine navyHagia SophiaConstantinople

Question 2: During the ________ between Rome and the great Mediterranean empire of Carthage, Rome's stature increased further as it became the capital of an overseas empire for the first time.
Second Punic WarThird Punic WarPunic WarsRoman Republic

Question 3: The Emperor responded by confiscating large Papal estates in Sicily and ________ and transferring areas previously ecclesiastically under the Pope to the Patriarch of Constantinople.

Question 4: ________ (1534–1549) tried to recover the situation by summoning the Council of Trento, although being, at the same time, the most nepotist Pope of all.
Pope Paul IIIPope Paul IVPope Leo XPope Alexander VI

Question 5: Rome grew from pastoral settlements on the ________ and surrounding hills approximately 30 km from the Tyrrhenian Sea on the south side of the Tiber.
ComitiumAventine HillPalatine HillCapitoline Hill

Question 6: Entangled in a local feud against the traditional rivals of his family, the Colonna, at the same time he struggled to assure the universal supremacy of the ________.
Catholic ChurchHoly SeeSt. Peter's BasilicaPope

Question 7: 616), managed to secure peace with Childebert, reorganized his territories and resumed activities against both ________ and Rome by 592.

Question 8: The victory over Carthage in the ________ brought the first two provinces outside the Italian peninsula, Sicily and Sardinia.
Punic WarsRoman RepublicFirst Punic WarSecond Punic War

Question 9: Rome reached the highest point of splendour under ________ (1503–1513) and his successors Leo X and Clement VII, both members of the Medici family.
Pope Alexander VIPope Paul IVPope Julius IICatholic Church

Question 10: The reign of Justinian's nephew and successor Justin II (reigned 565–578) was marked from the Italian point of view by the invasion of the Lombards under ________ (568).
CharlemagneAgilulfAlboinTheodoric the Great


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