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History of Paris: Quiz


Question 1: It was a troubled political period, however, especially when the ________ hit Paris.
Federal Reserve SystemUnited StatesGreat DepressionRepublican Party (United States)

Question 2: They were, in fact, unacceptably punitive in the eyes of many Parisians, who saw the peace treaty signed by the government of ________ as a betrayal.
Raymond PoincaréArmand FallièresAlexandre MillerandAdolphe Thiers

Question 3: The ________ effectively began in Paris, which the king had garrisoned with foreign troops to quell any unrest.
National Constituent AssemblyNational ConventionFrench RevolutionFrench Directory

Question 4: He also commissioned a number of major ________ churches as a statement of the Catholic Counter-Reformation.
RenaissanceBaroqueWestern art historyMannerism

Question 5: The city acquired many distinctive new monuments and public buildings, foremost among them the ________, constructed for the World Exhibition of 1889.
Eiffel TowerMillau ViaductStratosphere Las VegasCN Tower

Question 6: The government agreed an armistice with the invaders and moved south to ________, while Paris remained—along with two thirds of France—under German occupation.
VichyMoulins, AllierGannatSaint-Gérand-le-Puy

Question 7: The arrival in Paris of the ________ prompted the city's breakneck growth, with migrant workers arriving from the countryside on newly-constructed railway lines.
William RadcliffeTextile manufacture during the Industrial RevolutionIndustrial RevolutionThomas Highs

Question 8: King Francis I had probably the greatest impact of any Valois monarch, transforming the Louvre and establishing a glittering court including such notables as Leonardo da Vinci and ________.
FlorenceBenvenuto CelliniItalyMichelangelo

Question 9: The Hundred Years' War thus began, followed swiftly by the arrival of the ________.
Plague (disease)Black Death migrationPandemicBlack Death

Question 10: He made Paris his capital and founded the ________, which still exists today.
Jagiellon dynastyHohenzollern-SigmaringenCapetian dynastyMerovingian dynasty

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