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History of Pakistan: Quiz


Question 1:
What was Indo-Pakistani War of 1947 a part of?
the Wars of Scottish Independence
Mount Auburn Historic District
the Indo-Pakistani Wars
the First English Civil War

Question 2:
What is the capital of East Pakistan?

Question 3: ________, (7000-5500 BCE), on the Kachi Plain of Balochistan, is an important Neolithic site discovered in 1974, with early evidence of farming and herding,[12] and dentistry.
MehrgarhPrehistoric religion5th millennium BC6th millennium BC

Question 4: After Alexander's untimely death in 323 BCE, his ________ (generals) divided the empire among themselves, with the Greek warlord Seleucus setting up the Seleucid Kingdom, which included the Indus plain.
Alexander the GreatDiadochiSeleucid EmpireAntigonus I Monophthalmus

Question 5: The post-independence political history of Pakistan has been characterised by several periods of authoritarian military rule and continuing territorial disputes with India over the status of Kashmir, and with Afghanistan over the ________ issue.
Durand LinePashtun peoplePashtunistanKhan Abdul Ghaffar Khan

Question 6: During the late 1990s, Pakistan was one of three countries which recognized the Taliban government and Mullah Mohammed Omar as the legitimate ruler of ________.
NATOCentral Intelligence AgencyAfghanistanNon-Aligned Movement

Question 7: The Indus plains formed the most populous and richest satrapy of the Persian ________ for almost two centuries, starting from the reign of Darius the Great (522-485 BCE).
Achaemenid EmpireMedesSassanid EmpireAlexander the Great

Question 8: On the 29 December 1930, ________ called for an autonomous state in "northwestern India for Indian Muslims".
Persian literatureAfghanistanAmir KhusrowMuhammad Iqbal

Question 9: By the end of his reign in 1030, Mahmud's empire extended from ________ in the west to the Yamuna river in the east, and the Ghaznavid dynasty lasted until 1187.
Turkish KurdistanCordueneKurdish peopleKurdistan

Question 10: In the 2002 Parliamentary Elections, Musharraf transferred executive powers to newly elected Prime Minister Zafarullah Khan Jamali, who was succeeded in the 2004 by ________.
Pervez MusharrafZulfikar Ali BhuttoBenazir BhuttoShaukat Aziz

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