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History of Norway: Quiz


Question 1: The Norwegian Vikings mainly traveled west, to Britain and ________.
WalesIrish peopleIrelandNorthern Ireland

Question 2: In 1942 this administration was replaced with a semi-independent ________ headed by Quisling, who was promoted to "minister president" of the "National government" by the Reichskommissar.
MonarchyDictatorshipPuppet stateFascism

Question 3: During this period, Norwegians, as well as Swedes and Danes, traveled abroad on ________, as raiders, explorers, settlers and traders.
YoalHerring BussTall shipLongship

Question 4: Petroglyphs dating from the ________ Age (in Norway 4,000 BC to 1,800 BC) show scenes of hunter-gatherers.
NeolithicLinear Pottery cultureCucuteni-Trypillian cultureVinča culture

Question 5: Norway was counted among the victors in World War II and was a founding member of the ________.
United Nations Security CouncilUnited NationsIsrael, Palestine, and the United NationsUnited Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Question 6: Between 1396 and 1536 Norway was a part of the Kalmar Union, and from 1536 to 1814 Norway was effectually a tributary to Denmark, named as the personal union ________.
Denmark–NorwaySwedenUnion between Sweden and NorwayScandinavia

Question 7: The new "port of Oslo", or Eufemias Street (codename: "Barcode") is being built, before the new ________ will be built in 2014.
Nationaltheatret StationNorwegian State RailwaysOslo Central StationGardermoen Line

Question 8: ________ has established a large group of telecom and software companies.

Question 9: More permanent settlements developed during the ________ (1,800 BC to 400 BC) and Iron Age.
Bronze Age BritainAncient Near EastBronze AgeDeverel-Rimbury culture

Question 10: As the biggest building project in Scandinavian history the government plans to renovate Bjørvika and eastern ________.


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