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History of Nepal: Quiz


Question 1: Its leader, ________, formed a government and served as prime minister.
Girija Prasad KoiralaBishweshwar Prasad KoiralaTanka Prasad AcharyaJang Bahadur

Question 2: On February 1, 2005, Gyanendra dismissed the entire government and assumed full executive powers, declaring a "________" to quash the revolution.
State of emergencySyriaPhilippinesUnited States

Question 3: As of 15 January 2007 Nepal was governed by an ________ legislature under an interim constitution.
United StatesUnited KingdomParliamentUnicameralism

Question 4: In a historical vote for the election of the constituent assembly, Nepalis voted to oust the ________ in Nepal.
MonarchyCrown jewelsConstitutional monarchyCoronation

Question 5: The latter group of refugees started to impose their view of ________ upon the Magars, while the former group were given the status of Chettri by the latter group in accordance with their view of Hinduism.
AyyavazhiHinduismBuddhismIndian religions

Question 6: Later in the day, a mass rally of the Agitation Committee at Tundikhel in the capital ________ was attacked by police forces.

Question 7: During the rule of the 7th Kirat King Jitedasti, Lord ________ visited the valley with his several disciples.
BuddhismAshoka the GreatBuddhism and HinduismGautama Buddha

Question 8: In 1846, Queen Rajendralakshmi plotted to overthrow ________, a fast-rising military leader of Indian Rajput ancestry who was presenting a threat to her power.
Chandra Shamsher Jang Bahadur RanaRenaudip Singh BahadurJang BahadurBishweshwar Prasad Koirala

Question 9: Due to his survival he temporarily became king before dying of his wounds, after which Prince ________ (Birendra's brother) inherited the throne, according to tradition.
Gyanendra of NepalNepalGirija Prasad KoiralaBirendra of Nepal

Question 10: Although not all of Nepal was under Maurya occupation, there is evidence of at least the influence of Maurya Emperor ________ the Great, the legendary Buddhist proselytiser and ruler from 273 BCE to 232 BCE.
Ashoka the GreatSarnathGreco-BuddhismBuddhism


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