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History of Maryland: Quiz


Question 1: See also: Province of Maryland, Colonial America, and ________
British EmpireBritish colonization of the AmericasCanadaBarbados

Question 2: When the state ________ appealed to the Court of Appeals, it affirmed the decision.
SingaporeUnited KingdomCanadaAttorney general

Question 3: A large flag, a few cannon, and a small ________ monument remain to testify to this period of the hill's history.
Origins of the American Civil WarGrand Army of the RepublicAmerican Civil WarHarriet Tubman

Question 4: It appears that the first humans to arrive in the area that would become Maryland appeared around the 10th millennium BCE, about the time that the last ________ ended.
Last glacial periodQuaternary glaciationIce ageLittle Ice Age

Question 5: Maryland was the site of many new military bases, like Camp Meade (now Fort Meade) and the ________, which were established in 1917 and the Edgewood Arsenal, which was founded the following year.
United States biological weapons programPine Bluff ArsenalDugway Proving GroundAberdeen Proving Ground

Question 6: The Maryland Toleration Act, issued in 1649, was one of the first laws that explicitly defined tolerance of varieties of ________.
EcumenismChristianityBaptistChristian denomination

Question 7: However, as a former "________", Maryland did have issues with the civil rights of freedmen and formerly free blacks, and racial tensions as did the states in the Confederacy.
American Civil WarSlave stateFloridaUnited States

Question 8: The city's defenses were under the command of ________ Samuel Smith, an officer of Maryland militia and a United States Senator.
Major GeneralBrigadier GeneralMilitary rankBrigadier

Question 9: See also: ________
Franklin D. RooseveltHistory of the United States (1918–1945)History of the United States (1865–1918)Great Depression

Question 10: Although it was a slave state where numerous planters had Confederate sympathies, by 1860 nearly half the black population was already free, due mostly to manumissions after the ________.
United States ConstitutionAmerican RevolutionUnited StatesMassachusetts

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