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History of Maine: Quiz


Question 1: A fleet from Massachusetts (the so-called Penobscot Expedition) attempted to recover Castine but was decimated by the British, with ________ and other survivors sent scrambling into the woods.
Paul RevereSamuel AdamsBostonJohn Hancock

Question 2: This demographic and its resulting social and political ramifications led to a backlash in the 1920s, as the ________ formed cells in a number of Maine towns, and contributed to the victory of Republican Gov.
RacismAntisemitismKu Klux KlanNeo-Nazism

Question 3: It was then approved by Congress on March 4, 1820, as part of the Missouri Compromise, in which free northern states approved the statehood of ________ (as a slave state) in exchange for the statehood of Maine (as a free one).

Question 4: Croix, was absorbed into the Province of Massachusetts Bay as ________, a name which survives in present day York County.
YorkshireYorkshire and the HumberWest YorkshireNorth Yorkshire

Question 5: In the late 19th century, many French Canadians arrived from Quebec and New Brunswick in Canada to work in the textile mill cities such as Lewiston and ________.
Calais, MaineSaco, MainePortland, MaineBiddeford, Maine

Question 6: Migrants from Maine were particularly prominent in Minnesota; for example, three 19th century Mayors of ________ were Mainers.
Minneapolis – Saint PaulSaint Paul, MinnesotaMinneapolisHennepin County, Minnesota

Question 7: Maine was so enthusiastic for the cause of preserving the Union in the ________ that it ended up contributing a larger number of combatants, in proportion to its population, than any other Union state.
TennesseeUnited StatesBleeding KansasAmerican Civil War

Question 8: The Rockefeller family were conspicuous members of the summer community at Bar Harbor, while the Roosevelts preferred the remoteness and privacy of Campobello Island, so far east that it was actually in ________, Canada.
Organisation internationale de la FrancophonieNew BrunswickLouisianaPoland

Question 9: ________ chose Maine's Hannibal Hamlin as his first Vice President.
Andrew JohnsonGerald FordUlysses S. GrantAbraham Lincoln

Question 10: Less well-recognized, because they were more culturally assimmilable, were a very large number of English- and Scottish-Canadian immigrants from the ________.
MaritimesNova ScotiaCanadaNew Brunswick


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