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History of Maharashtra: Quiz


Question 1: ________ (AD 973-1180)
Hoysala EmpireRashtrakuta DynastyWestern Chalukya EmpireChalukya dynasty

Question 2: Still smaller tools were used in the ________ period 25,000 years ago.
8th millennium BC10th millennium BCStone AgeUpper Paleolithic

Question 3: Nearly one hundred millennia ago, during the ________ period, people began to develop smaller tools, comprising a variety of scrapers and points.
PaleolithicBehavioral modernityPaleolithic religionMiddle Paleolithic

Question 4: In Maharashtra, the ________ culture flourished from c.1000 to 500 BC.
DolmenStonehengeMegalithSt Lythans burial chamber

Question 5: ________ caves was under the control of Kalyani Chalukyas[5] and Yadavas of Devagiri.
Bibi Ka MaqbaraEllora CavesDaulatabadAjanta Caves

Question 6: Dantidurga, the chief of the Rashtrakutas, defeated the ________ by AD 753 and established his dynasty with Manyakheta (Gulbarga district, Karnataka) as his capital.
Western Chalukya EmpireRashtrakuta DynastyChalukya dynastyWestern Ganga Dynasty

Question 7: The Peshwas thus became the de facto rulers of Maharashtra, and ________ became the centre of Maratha politics.
Navi MumbaiPuneNagpurMumbai

Question 8: The next important dynasty of Maharashtra was that of the ________, from AD 550-760 and then again from AD 973-1180.
Chalukya dynastyWestern Chalukya EmpireRashtrakuta DynastyWestern Ganga Dynasty

Question 9: Small groups of people, organised into bands of 20 or 30, occupied the valleys of the Ghod, Bhima, Pravara, ________ and Wainganga rivers.
Tapti RiverGodavari RiverWestern GhatsKrishna River

Question 10: The ________, C.500 BC, was the precursor of urbanisation.
Ancient Near EastIron AgeLa Tène cultureIron Age China


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