History of Latvia: Quiz

Question 1: Latvia was ostensibly included within the proposed ________-led United Baltic Duchy,[10] but this attempt collapsed after the defeat of the German Empire in 1918.
Baltic GermansVolksdeutscheEthnic GermansTransylvanian Saxons

Question 2: News of this reached the ________ in Rome and it was decided that Crusaders would be sent into Latvia to influence the situation.
Pope Benedict XVIPope John Paul IIPopeCatholic Church

Question 3: Primarily a literary and cultural movement with significant political implications, the Young Latvians soon came into severe conflict with the ________.
VolksdeutscheBaltic GermansEthnic GermansTransylvanian Saxons

Question 4: Riga, being the centre of the eastern Baltic region, formed close cultural contacts with ________.
Central EuropeEastern EuropeNorthern EuropeWestern Europe

Question 5: Up to and into the ________ amber was more valuable than gold in many places.
Middle AgesHigh Middle AgesLate Middle AgesEarly Middle Ages

Question 6: During the Russian Civil War (1917-1922), Latvians fought on both sides with a significant group (known as Latvian red riflemen) supporting the ________.
BolshevikVladimir LeninRussian Social Democratic Labour PartyMenshevik

Question 7: The Bolshevik government tried to end the war and in March 1918, the ________ was signed which gave Kurzeme and Vidzeme to the Germans.
Eastern Front (World War I)Treaty of Brest-LitovskTreaty of SèvresWorld War I

Question 8: It symbolically represented the united wish of the ________ for independence.
LithuaniaLatviaEstoniaBaltic states

Question 9: In the 13th century, an ecclesiastical state Terra Mariana was established under the Germanic authorities consisting of Latvia and ________.

Question 10: In November, 1917, the Communist ________ took power in Russia.
Russian Social Democratic Labour PartyBolshevikMenshevikVladimir Lenin

Source: The Full Wiki (http://quiz.thefullwiki.org/History_of_Latvia)