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History of Ladakh: Quiz


Question 1: Information on ________ before the birth of the kingdom (10th century) is scarce.
Korzok MonasteryZanskarLehLadakh

Question 2: ________ crosses, apparently due to Sogdian Christian merchants found in Drangtse is an evidence of the importance of trade in this region.
Biblical canonChristologyTrinityNestorianism

Question 3: In 1948, Pakistani raiders invaded Ladakh and occupied Kargil and Zanskar, reaching within 30 km of ________.
KhalatseLehHanle (village)Daulat Beg Oldi

Question 4: In 1947, partition left Ladakh a part of the Indian state of ________, to be administered from Srinagar.
Anantnag districtJammu and KashmirBudgam districtPoonch district (J&K)

Question 5: By the beginning of the 19th century, the ________ had collapsed, and Sikh rule had been established in Punjab and Kashmir.
Mughal EmpireMongol EmpireTimurid dynastyPala Empire

Question 6: His son Deldan Namgyal (1642-1694) had to placate the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb by building a mosque in ________.
Daulat Beg OldiLadakhLehKhalatse

Question 7: [8] Reinforcement troops were sent in by air, and a battalion of ________ made its way slowly to Leh on foot from south.
Gurkha1 Gorkha RiflesIndian ArmyIndian Army (1895–1947)

Question 8: India built the Srinagar-Leh highway during this period, cutting the journey time between ________ to Leh from 16 days to two.
KashmirJammu (city)SrinagarJammu and Kashmir

Question 9: ________ situates the Daradrai on the upper reaches of the Indus, and the names Darada is used in the geographical lists of the Puranas.

Question 10: In 1962, China occupied ________, and promptly built roads connecting Sinkiang and Tibet, and the Karakoram Highway, jointly with Pakistan.
Aksai ChinBaekdu MountainKashmirArunachal Pradesh


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