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History of Kazakhstan: Quiz


Question 1: Thousands more Kazakhs tried to escape to ________, although most starved in the attempt.
Time in ChinaProvince (China)ChinaReligion in China

Question 2: The Soviet Union's spaceport, now known as the ________ is located in Kazakhstan at Tyuratam, with the secret town of Leninsk being constructed to accommodate the workers of the Cosmodrome.
Vandenberg Air Force BasePlesetsk CosmodromeKennedy Space CenterBaikonur Cosmodrome

Question 3: The earliest well-documented state in the region was the Turkic Kaganate, or ________, Köktürk state, established by the Ashina clan, which came into existence in the 6th century AD.
Old Turkic scriptTurkic peoplesOld TurkicGöktürks

Question 4: The ________ was founded in 1465 on the banks of Jetisu (literally means seven rivers) in the south eastern part of present Republic of Kazakhstan by Janybek Khan and Kerei Khan.
Kazakh KhanateAlash AutonomyJüzRussian Turkestan

Question 5: Many European Soviet citizens and much of Russia's industry were relocated to Kazakhstan during ________, when Nazi armies threatened to capture all the European industrial centers of the Soviet Union.
Collaboration with the Axis Powers during World War IISecond Sino-Japanese WarSoviet occupationsWorld War II

Question 6: The final disruption of ________ began in the 1890s, when many Russian settlers were introduced into the fertile lands of northern and eastern Kazakhstan.

Question 7: Two of Kazakh Hordes were depend of ________ Huntaiji.
Kalmyk peopleOiratsBorjiginUpper Mongols

Question 8: Other prominent ________ khans included Haknazar Khan, Esim Khan, Tauke Khan, and Ablai Khan.
Turkic peoplesKazakhsKazakh languageKazakhstan

Question 9: Thousands of Kazakhs were killed, and thousands of others fled to ________ and Mongolia.
ChinaProvince (China)Time in ChinaReligion in China

Question 10: Humans have inhabited present-day ________ since the earliest Stone Age, generally pursuing the nomadic pastoralism for which the region's climate and terrain are best suited.


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