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Question 1: Given a massive boost by the ________, in which it acted as a major supplier to the UN force, Japan's economy embarked on a prolonged period of extremely rapid growth, led by the manufacturing sectors.
Korean WarCold WarSino-Soviet border conflictVietnam War

Question 2: In 1185, ________ defeated the rival Taira clan, and in 1192, Yoritomo was appointed Seii Tai-Shogun by the emperor; he established a base of power in Kamakura.
Hōjō TokimasaMinamoto no YoritomoHōjō MasakoEmperor Go-Shirakawa

Question 3: In retaliation to the invasion of ________ the U.S.
French IndochinaCochinchinaSino-French WarFrance–Vietnam relations

Question 4: ________ (Ashikaga)
Muromachi periodAzuchi–Momoyama periodKamakura periodEdo period

Question 5: ________ analysis suggests that the Ainu, an indigenous people that live in Hokkaidō and the northern part of Honshū are descended from the Jōmon and thus represent descendants of the first inhabitants of Japan[citation needed].

Question 6: Strong differences from mainland Asian cultures emerged (such as an indigenous writing system, the ________).

Question 7: ________ was still unknown and clothes were often made of fur.
FeltTaffetaLawn clothWeaving

Question 8: The high economic growth and political tranquility of the mid to late 1960s were tempered by the quadrupling of oil prices by the ________ in 1973.
2000s energy crisisPetroleumPeak oilOPEC

Question 9: Some high officers of the Shōwa regime were prosecuted and convicted by the ________.
International Military Tribunal for the Far EastJapanese war crimesCrime against humanityWar crime

Question 10: ________ was president of the LDP and Prime Minister of Japan from April 2001 to September 2006.
Junichiro KoizumiTsutomu HataInukai TsuyoshiTaro Aso

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