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History of Iraq: Quiz


Question 1:

Question 2: The invention of the ________ and the beginning of the Chalcolithic period fall into the Ubaid period.

Question 3: Violence was conducted by Sunni groups, nationalists and others who sought an Iraq freed from foreign rule that include the ________, which has been fighting since the initial U.S.
Civil war in IraqIraqi insurgencyIraqi security forcesPost-invasion Iraq, 2003–present

Question 4:
What type of subdivision is Arbil?

Question 5:
Who was a commander in the Iraq War?
Various commanders; No centralised command
Liu Yu
, Abu Abdullah al-Hassan bin Mahmoudn----n Murat Karayilan
Maj. Gen. James B. Vaught

Question 6: Ubaid period: 5300 – 4100 BC (Pottery ________ to Chalcolithic)
NeolithicVinča cultureCucuteni-Trypillian cultureLinear Pottery culture

Question 7: However, an ________ was established in 1996 to ease the effects of sanctions.
IraqUnited StatesIraq WarOil-for-Food Programme

Question 8: The United States and the ________ charged that Iraq was hiding Weapons and opposed the team's requests for more time to further investigate the matter.
United KingdomCanadaEnglandWales

Question 9:
Where is Baghdad?
Baghdad, Iraq
Najaf, Iraq
near Umm Qasr, Iraq
South of Baghdad, Iraq

Question 10: It was passed 99-0 by the ________.
United States SenateHart Senate Office BuildingUnited States Congress111th United States Congress


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