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History of Iran: Quiz


Question 1: [19] The Proto-Iranians are traced to the ________, a Bronze Age culture of Central Asia.
Catacomb cultureIndo-Aryan migrationAndronovo cultureBactria–Margiana Archaeological Complex

Question 2: [36] In ________'s From The Remaining Signs of Past Centuries for example it is written:
Abu Rayhan BiruniAl-KindiNasir al-Din al-TusiAlhazen

Question 3: Starting on 19 July 1988 and lasting about five months the government systematically executed thousands of political prisoners across ________.
AzerbaijanIran–Iraq WarIraqIran

Question 4: Just in ________ and Urgench(Gorganj) about 2.5 million civilians were slaughtered.

Question 5: Arriving with an army, he established himself in the region and founded the ________, which would rule Iran for the next eighty years.
Mongol EmpireIlkhanateGolden HordeChagatai Khanate

Question 6: He established an authoritarian government that valued nationalism, militarism, secularism and ________ combined with strict censorship and state propaganda.
Lech WałęsaMikhail GorbachevBoris YeltsinAnti-communism

Question 7: An early event in the history of the Islamic republic that had a long term impact was the ________.
Iran – United States relationsRuhollah KhomeiniIran hostage crisisMohammad Reza Pahlavi

Question 8:
What religion does Safavid dynasty adhere to?

Question 9: [80] The Islamic clergy, headed by the Ayatollah ________ (who had been exiled in 1964), were becoming increasingly vociferous.
Anwar El SadatRuhollah KhomeiniRonald ReaganIranian Revolution

Question 10: The Black Sheep Turkmen were conquered by the White Sheep Turkmen under ________ in 1468; Uzun Hasan and his successors were the masters of Iran until the rise of the Safavids.
Uzun HassanAzerbaijanIraqAk Koyunlu


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