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History of Indiana: Quiz


Question 1: The French built ________ in the Miami town of Kekionga (modern Fort Wayne, Indiana).
History of IndianaIndiana TerritoryTecumseh's WarForts of Fort Wayne, Indiana

Question 2: The ________ is considered to be the United States' first land victory during the war.
Battle of TippecanoeSiege of Fort HarrisonBattle of Wild Cat CreekSiege of Fort Wayne

Question 3: Indiana, a free state and the boyhood home of ________, remained a member of the Union during the American Civil War.
Abraham LincolnUlysses S. GrantAndrew JohnsonGerald Ford

Question 4: Sometime before 1600, a major war broke out in eastern North America among Native Americans; it was later called the ________.
Fort MichilimackinacFort TiconderogaNew FranceBeaver Wars

Question 5: [24] These four nations were later to be participants in the Sixty Years' War, a struggle between native nations and European settlers for control of the ________ region.
James BayGreat LakesOntarioArctic Ocean

Question 6: Their ticket lost to James A. Garfield and ________.
Theodore RooseveltGerald FordChester A. ArthurBenjamin Harrison

Question 7: In 1800, the ________ was first new territory established from a portion of the Northwest Territory.
Indiana TerritoryTecumseh's WarDavis FloydJonathan Jennings

Question 8: The ________ created a recession that hurt the automotive industry in Indiana.
United States1973 oil crisisIranPetroleum

Question 9: [141] In 1895, William Johnson invented a process for casting ________.

Question 10: The Northwest Territory was formed by the Congress of the Confederation on July 13, 1787, and included all land between the ________, the Mississippi River, the Great Lakes and the Ohio River.
Rocky MountainsAppalachian MountainsGreat PlainsVirginia


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