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Question 1: What does the following picture show?

  Taj Mahal, built by the Mughals
  Asia in 323 BCE, the Nanda Empire and Gangaridai Empire in relation to Alexander's Empire and neighbors.
  The Maratha Empire in 1760. The last Hindu empire of India.
  Kushan Empire and Western Satraps of Ancient India in the north along with Pandyans and Early Cholas in southern India.

Question 2: The nominal leader of the uprising, the last Mughal emperor ________, was exiled to Burma, his children were beheaded and the Moghul line abolished.
Humayun's TombMughal EmpireAkbar the GreatBahadur Shah II

Question 3: Nevertheless, much of the ________ and southern India were largely unaffected by this state of flux in the north.
Western GhatsDeccan PlateauEastern GhatsHimalayas

Question 4: What does the following picture show?

  The swastika is a major element of Hindu iconography.
  Alleged Stone age writings of Edakkal Caves in Kerala, India.
  Gandhi and Nehru in 1937.
  Gol Gumbaz at Bijapur, has the second largest pre-modern dome in the world after the Byzantine Hagia Sophia.

Question 5: However, this had marked the introduction of an ________ Middle Eastern religion in Southern India's pre-existing Indian religions, often in puritanical form.

Question 6: [58] The Nawab of Bengal ________, the de facto ruler of the Bengal province, opposed British attempts to use these permits.
Mir JafarBangladeshRobert Clive, 1st Baron CliveSiraj ud-Daulah

Question 7: Colonists from Kalinga settled in Sri Lanka, Burma, as well as the Maldives and ________.
MalaysiaSoutheast AsiaMalay ArchipelagoIndonesia

Question 8: The first recorded Rajput kingdoms emerged in ________ in the 6th century, and small Rajput dynasties later ruled much of northern India.
RajasthanHaryanaThar DesertJaipur

Question 9: The Mesolithic period in the Indian subcontinent was followed by the Neolithic period, when more extensive settlement of the subcontinent occurred after the end of the last ________, or approximately 12,000 years ago.
Little Ice AgeLast glacial periodQuaternary glaciationIce age

Question 10: The great Maurya empire was established by Chandragupta Maurya and this empire was flourished by ________.
SarnathGreco-BuddhismAshoka the GreatBuddhism


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