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History of Idaho: Quiz


Question 1: The original boundaries of Oregon Territory in 1848 included all three of the present-day Pacific Northwest states and extended eastward to the ________.
Rocky MountainsMexico CityMexicoContinental Divide of the Americas

Question 2: The future state was reunited in 1859 after ________ became a state and the boundaries of Washington Territory were redrawn.

Question 3: The first organized town in Idaho was Franklin, settled in April 1860 by ________ who believed they were in Utah Territory; although a later survey determined they had in fact crossed the border.
Mormon pioneersJoseph Smith, Jr.Mormon handcart pioneersRelief Society

Question 4: The ________ expedition entered present-day Idaho on August 12, 1805, at Lemhi Pass.
Missouri RiverSacagaweaColumbia RiverLewis and Clark Expedition

Question 5: Through the ________ (WFM) union, the battles in the mining district became closely tied to a major miners' strike in Colorado.
Western Federation of MinersLabor spiesLabor federation competition in the United StatesBill Haywood

Question 6: From 1860-1866 ________ produced 19% of all gold in the United States, or 2.5 million ounces.

Question 7: Similarly, a few tons of ________ came from a property near Bear Lake, and lead-silver is known on Cassia Creek near Elba.

Question 8: Idaho was one of several states that received the brunt of nuclear fallout from tests at the ________ during the 1950s and 1960s.
Trinity (nuclear test)Pacific Proving GroundsOperation PlumbbobNevada Test Site

Question 9: ________ imigrated to North America after the Potato Famine, and some migrated west searching for land for agriculture.
Northern IrelandIrelandIrish peopleGaelic Ireland

Question 10: The original Idaho Territory included most of the areas that later became the states of Idaho, ________ and Wyoming, and had a population of under 17,000.
WashingtonSouth DakotaMontanaColorado


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