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History of Hungary: Quiz


Question 1: to the end of the 4th century ________ was a part of the Roman Empire.
Upper PannoniaDacia (Roman province)Roman BritainPannonia

Question 2: In 1521, the strongest Hungarian fortress in the South, Nándorfehérvár (modern ________) fell to the Turks, and in 1526, the Hungarian army was crushed at the Battle of Mohács.
BelgradeZemunNovi SadSmederevo

Question 3: The Golden Bull of 1222 was the first ________ in Continental Europe.
United KingdomDemocracyLawConstitution

Question 4: Austria-Hungary signed general armistice in ________ on 3 November 1918.
MonseliceEste, ItalyPaduaAbano Terme

Question 5: The invading Mongol force was defeated near Pest by the royal army of ________.
Árpád dynastyStephen V of HungaryAndrew III of HungaryLadislaus IV of Hungary

Question 6: Ladislas Ignace de Bercheny who was son of Miklós Bercsényi immigrated to ________ and created the first French hussar regiment.
ItalyUnited KingdomCanadaFrance

Question 7: Bethlen brought Hungary into the League of Nations in 1922 and out of international isolation by signing a treaty of friendship with ________ in 1927.

Question 8: Many reformers (like ________, Mihály Táncsics ) were imprisoned by the authorities.
Gyula AndrássyLajos KossuthLajos BatthyányBertalan Szemere

Question 9: ________ emerged as leader of the lower gentry in the Parliament.
Gyula AndrássyBertalan SzemereLajos KossuthLajos Batthyány

Question 10: His renaissance library is a UNESCO ________.
Food and Agriculture OrganizationWorld Heritage SiteUniversal Postal UnionUnited Nations Human Rights Council

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