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History of Hinduism: Quiz


Question 1: Arya Samaj ("Society of Nobles") is a Hindu reform movement in India that was founded by Swami Dayananda in ________.

Question 2: The ________ (4th to 9th centuries) were, alongside the Guptas of the North, patronizers of Sanskrit in the South of the Subcontinent.
PallavaChalukya dynastySatavahana dynastyChola Dynasty

Question 3: he wanted to develop ________ Hinduism based on the universality of the Vedas.
IslamChristianityState religionMissionary

Question 4: An important development during the British colonial period was the influence Hindu traditions began to form on Western thought and ________.
Religious conversionChristianityNew religious movementReligion

Question 5: ________ (known as Kalinga and Utkala in ancient period) remained a powerful Hindu kingdom under different monarchs till 17 century.
IndiaOrissaOriya cultureBhubaneswar

Question 6: The introduction of Advaita Vedanta by ________ unified the theistic sects into a common framework of Shanmata system.
RamanujaAdi ShankaraHindu philosophyVyasa

Question 7: ________ is a social and religious movement founded in Kolkata in 1828 by Raja Ram Mohan Roy.
Brahmo SamajKazi Nazrul IslamBengal RenaissanceDebendranath Tagore

Question 8: Portuguese missionaries had reached the Malabar Coast in the late ________, made contact with the St Thomas Christians in Kerala and sought to introduce the Latin Rite among them.
14th century11th century16th century15th century

Question 9: The Mauryan period saw an early flowering of ________ Sutra and Shastra literature and the scholarly exposition of the "circum-Vedic" fields of the Vedanga.

Question 10: Subsequently, under the able leadership of ________ prime ministers (Peshwas), who often led as generals also, Maratha Empire reached its zenith.
Uttar PradeshBhumiharBiharBrahmin

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