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History of Grenada: Quiz


Question 1: 20th century
1921-1937  ________
Irish Free StateNorthern IrelandIrelandAnglo-Irish Treaty

Question 2: 4Now the San Andrés y Providencia Department of ________
Colombian armed conflict (1964–present)Quindío DepartmentColombiaValle del Cauca Department

Question 3: Before the arrival of Europeans, [[Grenada], was inhabited by ________ Indians who had driven the more peaceful Arawaks from the island.
GuyanaCaribbeanArawakan languagesCarib

Question 4: Although Britain was hard pressed to overcome a pro-French revolt in 1795, Grenada remained British for the remainder of the ________ period.
Spanish EmpireColonialismPortuguese EmpireBritish Empire

Question 5: 17th Century
1685-1824  Bencoolen
IndonesiaWest SumatraAcehSumatra

Question 6: ________ ravaged the island's north end in June 2005.
Hurricane Emily (2005)Hurricane RitaHurricane WilmaHurricane Katrina

Question 7: His Marxist-Leninist government established close ties with ________, Nicaragua, and other communist bloc countries.

Question 8: 6Now part of the *Realm of New Zealand
7Suspended member
8Now ________ and *Tuvalu
9Now the *Solomon Islands
10Now *Papua New Guinea

Question 9: Their project attracted a great deal of attention, including from the ________ and the final report was published in a book written by the boys called Big Sky, Little Bullet.
Fort Worth Star-TelegramLexington Herald-LeaderThe Miami HeraldEl Nuevo Herald

Question 10: The island's soil was ideal for growing the spice and because Grenada was a closer source of spices for Europe than the ________, the island assumed a new importance to European traders.
Netherlands New GuineaDutch EmpireDutch East IndiesMalacca


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