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History of Greece: Quiz


Question 1: The Mycenaeans buried their nobles in ________ (tholoi), large circular burial chambers with a high vaulted roof and straight entry passage lined with stone.
Beehive tombCyprusSardiniaMegalith

Question 2: The Mycenaean period takes its name from the archaeological site ________ in the northeastern Argolid, in the Peloponnesos of southern Greece.
DelphiOlympia, GreeceMycenaeAthens

Question 3: Troops from Germany, Bulgaria, and Italy successfully invaded Greece, through Yugoslavia, overcoming Greek, British, ________, and New Zealand units.
BarbadosCanadaAustraliaUnited Kingdom

Question 4: To prosecute the war, and subsequently to defend Greece from further Persian attack, Athens founded the ________ in 477 BC.
Delian LeagueAlexander the GreatPtolemaic KingdomAchaemenid Empire

Question 5: Athens and her allies revolted against ________ upon hearing that Alexander had died, but were defeated within a year in the Lamian War.
Ancient GreeceClassical antiquityMacedonia (ancient kingdom)Alexander the Great

Question 6: In the third phase (commonly called the "Third Round" by the Communists) (1946-1949), guerrilla forces controlled by ________ fought against the internationally recognized Greek Government which was formed after elections boycotted by KKE.
Portuguese Communist PartyCommunist Party of BritainCommunist Party of AustriaCommunist Party of Greece

Question 7: The Greeks themselves have traditionally blamed this decline on an invasion by another wave of Greek people, the ________, although there is scant archaeological evidence for this view.
DoriansClassical GreeceIoniansAncient Greece

Question 8: The Mycenaean era script is called ________.
Greek alphabetGreek languageLinear BMycenaean Greek language

Question 9: Greek culture was a powerful influence in the Roman Empire, which carried a version of it to many parts of ________.
BalkansWestern EuropeEastern EuropeEurope

Question 10: When the Soviet Army began its drive across Romania in August 1944, the German Army in Greece began withdrawing north and northwestwards from Greece into Yugoslavia and ________ to avoid being cut off in Greece.
CroatiaBosnia and HerzegovinaAlbaniaSerbia

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