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Question 1: As the human cost increased during battles at the Marne, ________, the Somme, and at Ypres in the west, and in Poland and Galicia in the East, a grimmer and grimmer attitude began to prevail amongst the general population.

Question 2: The German government, dominated by the Junkers, thought of the war as a way to end Germany's disputes with neighbors and rivals like ________, the United Kingdom, and Russia.
CanadaItalyFranceUnited States

Question 3: During World War I, the German Empire was one of the ________ that ultimately lost the war.
Central PowersSerbian Campaign (World War I)Balkans Campaign (World War I)Romania during World War I

Question 4: Germans responded to the beginning of war during 1914 with the same general enthusiasm as did many people of other countries of ________; this enthusiasm is known as the Spirit of 1914.
BalkansEastern EuropeWestern EuropeEurope

Question 5: Even though the eastern front was hundreds of miles away from the borders of the ________, an invasion of the Rhineland on the western front was possible.
ReichGermanyDutch languageGerman language

Question 6: By the end of 1918, Germany had signed the Armistice, the Kaiser had abdicated, and the Empire had been replaced by the ________.
Adolf HitlerPrussiaWeimar RepublicGerman Empire

Question 7: Despite its membership in the Second International, the ________ ended its differences with the Imperial government and abandoned its principles of internationalism to support the war effort.
Centre Party (Germany)Social Democratic Party of GermanyNazi PartyGerman People's Party

Question 8: It began participation with the conflict after the declaration of war against Serbia by its ally, ________.
Austria–HungaryGerman EmpireHoly Roman EmpireOttoman Empire


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