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Question 1: War and poverty triggered the ________ which led to the formation of the communist Soviet Union.
Russian Civil WarVladimir LeninRussian Revolution (1917)October Revolution

Question 2: ________ suffered this fate in the 16th century in the series of conflicts known as the French Wars of Religion, which ended in the triumph of the Bourbon Dynasty.
United KingdomFranceItalyCanada

Question 3: The map of Europe was redrawn at the Yalta Conference and divided as it became the principal zone of contention in the ________ between the two power blocs, the Western countries and the Eastern bloc.
Joseph StalinCold WarVietnam WarCentral Intelligence Agency

Question 4: The Great Schism between the Western and Eastern Christian Churches was sparked in 1054 by ________ asserting authority over three of the seats in the Pentarchy, in Antioch, Jerusalem and Alexandria.
Pope Victor IIIPope Leo IXPope Gregory VIIPope John Paul II

Question 5: When Emperor Constantine had reconquered Rome under the banner of the cross in 312, he soon afterwards issued the Edict of Milan in 313, declaring the legality of ________ in the Roman Empire.
BaptistChristian denominationChristianityEcumenism

Question 6: At the same time settlements moved beyond the traditional boundaries of the Frankish Empire to new frontiers in eastern Europe, beyond the ________, tripling the size of Germany in the process.
BerlinHamburgCzech RepublicElbe

Question 7: From about the year 1000 onwards, Western Europe saw the last of the barbarian ________ and became more politically organized.
SiegeInvasionNaval warfareMilitary history

Question 8: Crusaders founded European colonies in the Levant, the majority of the Iberian Peninsula was conquered from the Moors, and the ________ colonized southern Italy, all part of the major population increase and resettlement pattern.
NormandyNormansEnglandCnut the Great

Question 9: Niccolò Machiavelli's political writing in ________ influenced later absolutism and real-politik.
Belfagor arcidiavoloFlorentine HistoriesDiscourses on LivyThe Prince

Question 10: This process resulted eventually in the development of organizations such as the European Union and the ________.
Federal EuropeKyoto ProtocolEuropean integrationCouncil of Europe


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