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History of England: Quiz


Question 1: A History of Britain: At the Edge of the World, 3500 BC – 1603 AD by ________, BBC/Miramax, 2000 ISBN 0-7868-6675-6
NetherlandsLondonRiver ThamesSimon Schama

Question 2: The loss of his son, ________, in the wreck of the White Ship in November 1120, undermined his reforms.
Henry II of EnglandStephen of EnglandHenry I of EnglandWilliam III, Duke of Normandy

Question 3: The ________ broke out in 1642, largely as a result of an ongoing series of conflicts between James' son, Charles I, and Parliament.
First English Civil War, 1642First English Civil WarFirst English Civil War, 1643First English Civil War, 1644

Question 4: During this period several rulers attempted to unite the various Anglo-Saxon kingdoms, an effort that led to the emergence of the ________ by the 10th century.
English peopleKingdom of EnglandHistory of EnglandPolitics of England

Question 5: Her closest male Protestant relative was the King of Scots, James VI, of the ________, who became King James I of England in a Union of the Crowns.
House of PlantagenetHouse of StuartTudor dynastyHouse of Óengus

Question 6: The rest of his reign was relatively peaceful, despite a slight worry over the succession when his wife ________ died in 1503.
Margaret of AnjouElizabeth of YorkAnne NevilleElizabeth Woodville

Question 7: In December 1689, one of the most important constitutional documents in English history, the ________, was passed.
Acts of Union 1707Magna CartaAct of Settlement 1701Bill of Rights 1689

Question 8: ________ probably held dominance over much of Britain, though Bede's Northumbrian bias should be kept in mind.
Edwin of NorthumbriaÆthelfrith of NorthumbriaOswiu of NorthumbriaOswald of Northumbria

Question 9: However, by then the Vikings were almost certainly well established in ________ and Shetland, and it is probable that many other non-recorded raids occurred before this.
ScotlandUnited KingdomOrkneyHebrides

Question 10: The history of England began with the arrival of ________ thousands of years ago.
HumanMindHomoHuman evolution

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