History of Dalmatia: Quiz

Question 1: The pirate community of the "________" had originally been a band of these fugitives, esp.
UskociKlis FortressCroatiaSlovenia

Question 2: Liudevit was soon forced out of his Pannonian realm by the Frankish forces, so he fled to the Serbs, that according to the Frankish historian Einhardt in his Royal Frankish Annals, controlled the greater part of ________.
Split (city)DalmatiaBosnia and HerzegovinaCroatia

Question 3: The Dalmatian cities started accepting foreign sovereignty (mainly of the ________) but eventually they reverted to their previous desire for independence.
History of the Republic of VeniceRepublic of VeniceItalyHistory of Italy

Question 4: In September 1943, following the capitulation of Italy, large sections of Dalmatia were temporarily controlled by Partisans, only to be reoccupied, this time by the german ________.
Albert KesselringAdolf HitlerEastern Front (World War II)Wehrmacht

Question 5: May and July 1992: ________, JNA was forced to retreat from Vis, Lastovo, Mljet and areas around Dubrovnik.
Battle of VukovarSiege of DubrovnikCroatian War of IndependenceBattle of the Barracks

Question 6: Indictment and against General ________ in early 2001 drew 150,000 people to the streets of Split - which is arguably the largest protest in the history of modern Croatia.
Operation StormGospić massacreOperation Medak PocketMirko Norac

Question 7: The History of Dalmatia concerns the history of the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea and its inland regions, stretching from the ________ up to the present.
4th century BC3rd century BC2nd century BC1st century BC

Question 8: The Serbian peasant population of infertile Upper Dalmatia was freed of ________ bounds, according that they fight wars for the Venetian Republic.

Question 9: In 806 the Principality of Dalmatia was temporarily added to the Frankish Empire, but the cities were restored to ________ by the Treaty of Aachen in 812.
ByzantiumIstanbulGreeksRoman Empire

Question 10: In World War I, ________ was defeated and it disintegrated, which helped solve the internal political conflict in Dalmatia.
Holy Roman EmpireOttoman EmpireGerman EmpireAustria–Hungary

Source: The Full Wiki (http://quiz.thefullwiki.org/History_of_Dalmatia)