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History of Christianity in Ukraine: Quiz


Question 1: One of earliest Protestant groups in Ukraine were Stundists (the name originated from the German Stunde, "hour") German Evangelical sect that spread from German villages in ________ and Ekaterinoslav province to the neighbouring Ukrainian population.

Question 2: Her baptism in 955 (or 957) in either Kiev or Constantinople (accounts differ) was a turning point in religious life of Rus' but it was left to her grandson, ________, to make Kievan Rus' a Christian state.
KhazarsVladimir I of KievChristianization of Kievan Rus'Sviatoslav I of Kiev

Question 3: Traditionally the Ukrainian clergy, following the annexation of Kievan Metropolia, were one of the main sources of opposition to the Old Believer schism which took place at the time, under ________.
AvvakumPatriarch NikonRussiaPatriarch Joasaphus II

Question 4: One clause of the Union of Krevo stipulated that Jagiello would disseminate Roman Catholicism among Orthodox subjects of the ________, of which Ukraine was a part.
Grand Duchy of LithuaniaHistory of UkraineGolden HordeKhmelnytsky Uprising

Question 5: Ukraine declared its political independence following the fall of the Provisional Government in 1918 and the ________ was established.
Bulgarian Orthodox ChurchGeorgian Orthodox ChurchRussian Orthodox ChurchUkrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church

Question 6: Geographically the church's main areas of support are the Volhynian provinces (where it holds from 30 to 40% parishes) and the capital ________.

Question 7: The people of Kiev lost their Metropolitan to Vladimir-Suzdal in 1299 (who retained the title), but gained a new Metropolitan in ________ in 1303.
Ivano-FrankivskKolomyiaIvano-Frankivsk OblastHalych

Question 8: In the 16th century small groups of ________ appeared in Volodymyr-Volynskyi, but the influence of the Reformation in Ukraine remained marginal until the three centuries later.
AnabaptistEarly ChristianityChristian denominationChristianity

Question 9: Their efforts, and those of their apostles, led to the translation of Christian Scriptures and service (liturgies) from Greek to Slavonic, and the eventual development of the modern ________.
YatCyrillic alphabetPhoenician alphabetGlagolitic alphabet

Question 10: Saint Adalbert, a Latin missionary bishop from ________, was sent, but his missions and the priests who missionized along with him, were stopped.

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