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Question 1: ________'s Archbishop Saint Charles Borromeo (1538–1584) set an example by visiting the remotest parishes and instilling high standards.
Corbetta, ItalyParabiagoMilanItaly

Question 2: In 313 AD, two years later, emperors ________ and Licinius issued the Edict of Milan which proclaimed religious toleration in the Roman Empire thereby legalising Christianity.
DiocletianMaximianConstantine IMaxentius

Question 3: While some of these missions were associated with imperialism and oppression, others (notably Matteo Ricci's ________ mission to China) were relatively peaceful and focused on integration rather than cultural imperialism.
Congregation of the Most Holy RedeemerSociety of JesusDominican OrderConventual Franciscans

Question 4: Her remains were buried in ________, in the Church of Maria Magdalene.

Question 5: Constantine's son's successor, known as ________, was a philosopher who upon becoming emperor renounced Christianity and embraced a Neo-platonic and mystical form of paganism shocking the Christian establishment.
Constantine IConstantius IIValentinian IJulian the Apostate

Question 6: Some actions against Orthodox priests and believers along with ________ included torture being sent to prison camps, labour camps or mental hospitals.
Religion and capital punishmentStoningCapital punishmentHanging

Question 7: In reaction, many scholars maintained that the motion of the Earth and immobility of the Sun were heretical, as they contradicted some accounts given in the ________ as understood at that time.
Nevi'imBiblical canonBibleChristianity and Judaism

Question 8: In the ninth and tenth centuries, Christianity made great inroads into ________, including Kievan Rus'.
Eastern EuropeWestern EuropeCentral EuropeBalkans

Question 9: While ________ supported these restrictions, circumcision was considered repulsive by Greeks[5] of the Mediterranean Basin.
Christianity and JudaismJewish ChristiansDidacheJudaizers

Question 10: As the translations prepared by them were copied by speakers of other dialects, the hybrid literary language ________ was created.
Old Church SlavonicMacedonian languageCroatian languageSerbo-Croatian language

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