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History of Christian theology: Quiz


Question 1: These states quickly became known as ________.
ProtestantismChristianityBaptistChristian denomination

Question 2: In so doing, it explores the relationship between ________ — especially Roman Catholic theology — and political activism, especially about social justice, poverty, and human rights.
Biblical canonTrinityChristian theologyChristology

Question 3: These include the Jehovah's Witnesses, the Latter Day Saints and many so called "________".
CultOpposition to cults and new religious movementsPost-cult traumaAnti-cult movement

Question 4: Postmodern Christianity has influenced the ________ movement.
ChristologyRestorationism (Christian primitivism)Emerging churchChristian heresy

Question 5: Thus, it condemned Monophysitism and would be influential in refuting ________.
Catholic ChurchEcthesisPope John Paul IIMonothelitism

Question 6: The fourteenth century was also a time in which movements of widely varying character worked for the reform of the institutional church, such as conciliarism, Lollardy and the ________.
Hussite WarsPragueHussiteJan Hus

Question 7: In particular Barth labeled his theology "dialectical theology", a reference to ________.
ExistentialismGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelFriedrich NietzscheMonism

Question 8: ________ of Lyons called Mary the "second Eve" because through Mary and her willing acceptance of God's choice, God undid the harm that was done through Eve's choice to eat the forbidden fruit.
IrenaeusEucharistic theologies contrastedJeromeJustin Martyr

Question 9: Irenaeus' opponents also claimed that the wellsprings of divine inspiration were not dried up, which is the doctrine of ________.
Bahá'í FaithContinuous revelationHoly SpiritProgressive revelation (Bahá'í)

Question 10: The council decided against the ________ overwhelmingly (of the estimated 250-318 attendees, all but 2 voted against Arius).
Germanic ChristianityGothic ChristianityFranksArianism


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