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Question 1: Perhaps the most famous specimen of Homo erectus found in China is the so-called ________ discovered in 1923-27.
Peking ManHomo sapiens idaltuHomo floresiensisLantian Man

Question 2:
When was the History of China?
February 2009
11th century

Question 3: [7] The Peiligang culture of Xinzheng county, ________ was excavated in 1977.
XingyangQi County, KaifengDengzhouHenan

Question 4: Meanwhile, in what are now the northwestern Chinese provinces of ________, Shaanxi, and Ningxia, there emerged a Western Xia Dynasty from 1032 up to 1227, established by Tangut tribes.
Linxia CityDunhuangGansuTianzhu Tibetan Autonomous County

Question 5: It was the first dynasty to embrace the philosophy of ________, which became the ideological underpinning of all regimes until the end of imperial China.
ConfuciusChinese philosophyEast AsiaConfucianism

Question 6: In 303 the Di people rebelled and later captured Chengdu, establishing the state of ________.
Ran MinFormer YanLater ZhaoCheng Han

Question 7: Emperor Guangwu reinstated the Han Dynasty with the support of land-holding and merchant families at ________, east of Xi'an.

Question 8: Over the next half-century, the Qing consolidated control of some areas originally under the Ming, including ________.
YunnanKunmingDiqing Tibetan Autonomous PrefectureXishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture

Question 9: The emperor Xizong fled to ________ and Huang established a new temporary regime, which was eventually destroyed by Tang forces, but another time of political chaos followed.

Question 10: [20] The 14th century epidemics of plague (________) is estimated to have killed 30% of the population of China.
Black Death migrationLate Middle AgesPandemicBlack Death


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