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History of Chicago: Quiz


Question 1: In 1945, ________ was Chicago's largest single employer, with 18,000 workers at the company's South Works in the city.
U.S. SteelPPG IndustriesDick's Sporting GoodsH. J. Heinz Company

Question 2: In 1795, following the ________, the area of Chicago was ceded by the Native Americans in the Treaty of Greenville to the United States for a military post.
Chickamauga Wars (1776–1794)American Indian WarsNorthwest Indian WarOhio

Question 3: 602 people died in the ________ in 1903.
Graceland CemeteryIroquois Theatre FireChicago LoopChicago

Question 4: In 1983, ________ became the first black mayor of Chicago.
Harold WashingtonRichard M. DaleyRichard J. DaleyAnton Cermak

Question 5: On December 2, 1942, the world's first controlled nuclear reaction was conducted at the University of Chicago as part of the top secret ________.
Manhattan ProjectTechnology during World War IIAerial warfareWorld War II

Question 6: The episode was a watershed moment in the labor movement and its yearly celebration would later morph into ________.
May DayLabor DayChristmasNew Year's Day

Question 7: One new development under the younger Daley has sparked debate, the destruction of the city's vast ________ projects.
New townPublic housingTower blockUnited Kingdom

Question 8: Comical signs proclaiming "Fastest route to ________" or "No Bottom Here" were placed to warn people of the mud.
Province (China)ChinaTime in ChinaReligion in China

Question 9: In 1812 it had been destroyed in the Battle of Fort Dearborn during the ________.
War of 1812 CampaignsWar of 1812Battle of Lake ErieChronology of the War of 1812

Question 10: [10] The fair also featured the first, and until recently, largest ________ ever built.
Tempozan Harbor Village Ferris wheelWiener RiesenradLondon EyeFerris wheel


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