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Question 1: Canada was also an important battlefield in the Seven Years' War, during which Great Britain gained control of Quebec City after the ________ in 1759, and Montreal in 1760.
Battle of the Plains of AbrahamBattle of Sainte-FoyBattle of BeauportFrench and Indian War

Question 2: [35][36] The term ________ was chosen to indicate Canada's status as a self-governing colony of the British Empire, the first time it was used in reference to a country.
Cayman IslandsSaint HelenaDominionTurks and Caicos Islands

Question 3: Many of the Acadians settled in southern Louisiana, creating the ________ culture there.
Italian AmericanFrench AmericanCajunEnglish American

Question 4: Land South of the Great Lakes, which was formerly a part of the ________ and included large parts of modern day Michigan, Illinois and Ohio, was ceded to the Americans.
Upper CanadaLower CanadaProvince of CanadaProvince of Quebec (1763–1791)

Question 5: The highpoints of Canadian military achievement came at the ________ on April 9, 1917, and later, what became known as Canada's Hundred Days.
Battle of Vimy RidgeWestern Front (World War I)Battle of the SommeBattle of Passchendaele

Question 6: The other is that they migrated, either on foot or using primitive boats, down the Pacific Coast to the tip of South America, and then crossed the Rockies and ________ to populate the rest of the lands.
Physical geographyAndesGeographyGran Chaco

Question 7: [25] After the war, supporters of Britain tried to repress the ________ that was common among American immigrants to Canada.

Question 8: In 1982, the Canada Act was passed by the British parliament and granted Royal Assent by Queen Elizabeth II on March 29, while the ________ was passed by the Canadian parliament and granted Royal Assent by the Queen on April 17, thus patriating the Constitution of Canada.
Charlottetown AccordConstitution Act, 1982Constitution Act, 1867Canadian federalism

Question 9: There are several reports of contact made before ________ between the first peoples and those from other continents.
AmericasDominican RepublicSpainChristopher Columbus

Question 10: While the Wendat became allies of the French, the Iroquois entered into trade with the Dutch of ________ and then formed an historic alliance with the English which endured through the Seven Years' War.
Fort AmsterdamNew NetherlandNew Netherland settlementsNew Amsterdam


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