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History of Bulgaria (1878–1946): Quiz


Question 1: Thus began a five-sided struggle for control of these areas which lasted until ________.
World War IWestern Front (World War I)Armenian GenocideCaucasus Campaign

Question 2: In March 1941 Bulgaria formally signed the ________, becoming a German ally, and German troops entered the country in preparation for the German invasion of Greece and Yugoslavia.
Adolf HitlerAxis powersTripartite PactWorld War II

Question 3: Bulgaria gained possession of most of Thrace, including Adrianople and the Aegean port of Dedeagach (today ________).

Question 4: They insisted that the Prince could not be a Russian, but in a compromise Prince ________, a nephew of Tsar Alexander II, was chosen.
Alexander, Prince of BulgariaSimeon Saxe-Coburg-GothaIvan Alexander of BulgariaFerdinand I of Bulgaria

Question 5: In March 1943, Bulgarian authorities arrested all the Jews in Macedonia and ________.
ThraceThraciansRoman EmpireGreece

Question 6: An autonomous Ottoman province under the name of ________ was created south of the Stara Planina range, whereas Macedonia was returned under the sovereignty of the Sultan.
Eastern RumeliaBulgariansPlovdivOttoman Empire

Question 7: The Treaty of San Stefano of March 3, 1878 provided for a self-governing Bulgarian state,[1] which comprised the geographical regions of Moesia, ________ and Macedonia.
ThraciansGreeceRoman EmpireThrace

Question 8: Bulgaria declared war on Britain and the ________, but resisted German pressure to declare war on the Soviet Union, fearful of pro-Russian sentiment in the country.
United StatesCanadaPhilippinesAlaska

Question 9: The Tsar's regime banned all opposition parties and took Bulgaria into alliance with ________ and Fascist Italy.
Adolf HitlerAxis powersNazismNazi Germany

Question 10: Based on that date ________ celebrate Bulgaria's national day each year.
First Bulgarian EmpireBulgarian Orthodox ChurchBulgariansBulgarian literature

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