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History of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Quiz


Question 1: Once the kingdom of Yugoslavia was conquered by Nazi forces in World War II, all of Bosnia was ceded to the ________.
NazismIndependent State of CroatiaAnte PavelićUstaše

Question 2: The region was conquered by the Ostrogoths in 455, and further exchanged hands between the ________ and Huns in the years to follow.
AlansScythiansSarmatiansIranian peoples

Question 3: ________
Cultures of present-day nations and statesHistory of present-day nations and statesGeography of present-day nations and statesLists of country-related topics

Question 4: Following events from the years 337 and 395 when the Empire split, Dalmatia and ________ were included in the Western Roman Empire.
Roman BritainDacia (Roman province)Upper PannoniaPannonia

Question 5: This, along with international outrage at Serb war crimes and atrocities (most notably the ________ of as many as 8,000 Bosniak males in July 1995[6]) helped turn the tide of war.
Srebrenica massacreBosnian WarLašva Valley ethnic cleansingCroat–Bosniak War

Question 6: Croatia and ________'s subsequent declarations of independence and the warfare that ensued placed Bosnia and Herzegovina and its three constituent peoples in an awkward position.

Question 7: Within these cities, various Sultans and governors financed the construction of many important works of ________ (such as the Stari most and Gazi Husrev-beg's Mosque).
Architecture of CroatiaOttoman architectureArchitecture of Bosnia and HerzegovinaSpanish architecture

Question 8: The Ottoman Empire had already started its conquest of Europe and posed a major threat to the ________ throughout the first half of the 15th century.
Central EuropeWestern EuropeBalkansEastern Europe

Question 9: In the Roman period, Latin-speaking settlers from all over the ________ settled among the Illyrians and Roman soldiers were encouraged to retire in the region.
Western Roman EmpireRoman RepublicByzantine EmpireRoman Empire

Question 10: [1] More South Slavs (namely ________ and Serbs) came in a second wave, and according to some scholars were invited by Emperor Heraclius to drive the Avars from Dalmatia.
CroatiaCroatsCroatian languageCroatian national costume


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