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History of Alcoholics Anonymous: Quiz


Question 1: ________ AA Grapevine became the international journal of AA due to added readership in Canada and Europe.

Question 2: The Emmanuel Movement was founded in ________ by Dr.

Question 3: ________ June AA Grapevine magazine was published containing first-person stories of AA members.

Question 4: ________ April AA Grapevine first published the Twelve Traditions (in the long/original form) as Twelve Points to Assure Our Future.

Question 5: ________ The movie Clean and Sober depicted aspects of AA culture like sponsorship.

Question 6: [26] While at Towns hospital under Silkworths care, Wilson was administered a drug cure concocted by ________, known as the The Belladonna Cure it contained the deliriants Belladonna and Hyoscyamus niger which cause hallucinations.
Atropa belladonnaScopolamineCharles B. TownsMandrake (plant)

Question 7: Jung who broke away from Freudian psychoanalysis coined the term ________ which he explains "meaningful coincidences" that happen in life and are common references in AA dealing with "Spiritual Awakenings" and "Spiritual Experience".
Carl JungGottfried LeibnizCausalitySynchronicity

Question 8: The history of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) has been documented in books, movies, and AA literature from its founding in 1935 as a solution for alcoholism by Bill Wilson (known as ________) and Dr.
Bill W.Carl JungEbby ThacherRowland Hazard III

Question 9: ________ Second Edition of the Big Book released with estimated 150,000 AA members.

Question 10: Wright, Gwendolyn, "Alcoholics Anonymous Letter", History Detectives, ________, Season 4, Episode 7, 2006.
Ion TelevisionPublic Broadcasting ServiceUniversal SportsUnivision


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