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Question 1: It became the capital of Russian America and today is the city of ________.
Juneau, AlaskaKodiak, AlaskaSitka, AlaskaUnalaska, Alaska

Question 2: ________ caused prices of fish and copper, which were vital to Alaska's economy at the time, to decline.
Republican Party (United States)United StatesFederal Reserve SystemGreat Depression

Question 3: In 1795, Baranov, concerned by the sight of non-Russian Europeans trading with the Natives in southeast Alaska, established Mikhailovsk near present-day ________.
Unalaska, AlaskaJuneau, AlaskaSitka, AlaskaKodiak, Alaska

Question 4: On March 27, 1964 the ________ struck South-central Alaska, churning the earth for four minutes with a magnitude of 9.2.
1964 Alaska earthquakeAlaska Native Claims Settlement Act1925 serum run to NomeRussian America

Question 5: The possible environmental repercussions of oil production became clear in the ________ of 1989.
Exxon Valdez oil spillAlaska Native Claims Settlement ActAlaska1964 Alaska earthquake

Question 6: In 1942, the Alaska–Canada Military Highway was completed, in part to form an overland supply route to the ________ on the other side of the Bering Strait.
Soviet UnionRussiaJoseph StalinEast Germany

Question 7: The industries of copper mining, fishing, and ________ began to become popular in the early 1900s, with 10 canneries in some major towns.
Modified atmosphereFood preservationFermentation (food)Canning

Question 8: In the second half of the 20th century, Alaska discovered ________ as an important source of revenue.
Travel and Tourism Competitiveness ReportTourismHotelWorld Tourism rankings

Question 9: Coincident with the ownership change, the de facto International Date Line was moved westward, and Alaska changed from the Julian calendar to the ________.
Islamic calendarByzantine calendarTimeGregorian calendar

Question 10: ________ (1913-1993) founder of the Alaskan Independence Party
Alaska TerritoryKlondike Gold RushAlaska PurchaseJoe Vogler


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