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Question 1: During the fourteenth century, there was a fall in population associated with the Black Death that spread from ________ to Europe.
ContinentMiddle EastSingaporeAsia

Question 2: ________
Classification of indigenous peoples of the AmericasArchaeology of the AmericasKennewick ManPopulation history of American indigenous peoples

Question 3: It is concerned both with the three basic components of population change--fertility, mortality, and migration--and with population characteristics related to those components, such as marriage, socioeconomic status, and the configuration of ________.

Question 4: As previously the acceleration was more marked in the European population, due to ________ and resulting inventions lowering the childbirth mortality rate.
AristotleScientific revolutionScientific methodIsaac Newton

Question 5: Historical demography is the quantitative study of ________ in the past.
Population growthFood securityOverpopulationWorld population

Question 6: ________ grew slowly but the growth rate accelerated between 900 and 1300 C.E.
Food securityOverpopulationPopulation growthWorld population


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