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Historic counties of Wales: Quiz


Question 1: The lordships of Ludlow, ________, Caus and part of Montgomery were incorporated into Shropshire; and Wigmore, Huntington, Clifford and most of Ewyas were included in Herefordshire.
Llanfair WaterdineClunShrewsburyChurch Stretton

Question 2: The ________ replaced the administrative counties created in 1889 with eight counties in 1974.
Unparished areaLocal Government Act 1972Local Government Act 1933Local Government Commission for England (1958–1967)

Question 3: At the same time the historic counties were abandoned by the ________ as postal counties and were no longer shown on maps.
Magyar PostaDeutsche PostPostverk FøroyaRoyal Mail

Question 4: The historic counties established by 1535 were used as the geographical basis for the administrative counties, governed by ________, which existed from 1889 to 1974.
County councilGreater LondonCounty boroughLocal Government Act 1972

Question 5: The territory which became Monmouthshire was part of the Welsh kingdoms of Gwent and Glywysing and later, after the Norman conquest of southern Wales, of the ________.
EnglandWales–England borderWelsh MarchesKnighton, Powys

Question 6: These counties originate in 1535, with the ________, converting the remaining Marcher Lordships into counties.
Statute Law Revision ActNorthern Ireland Act 1998Laws in Wales Acts 1535–1542Royal and Parliamentary Titles Act 1927

Question 7: One of these, Welsh Bicknor was an exclave of Monmouthshire between ________ and Herefordshire.
GloucestershireStroud, GloucestershireBristolSouth Gloucestershire

Question 8: Additionally, certain boroughs were deemed to be county boroughs and outside of the administrative county (________ and Swansea in 1889, Newport in 1891 and Merthyr Tydfil in 1908).

Question 9: An 1844 Act of Parliament abolished several ________.
United StatesVatican CityEnclave and exclaveRight- and left-hand traffic

Question 10: The historic counties of Wales are ancient subdivisions of ________.
WalesEnglandUnited KingdomScotland


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