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Question 1: Many with an undergraduate history degree also may become involved with administrative or clerical professions and an undergraduate history degree is often used as a "stepping stone" to further studies such as a ________.
Law degreeDoctorateAcademic degreeJuris Doctor

Question 2: Despite this, ________ displays some of the techniques of more modern historians.
Greco-Persian WarsClassical Greece5th century BCHistories (Herodotus)

Question 3: Traditionally, ________ and Thucydides have been regarded the founders of the discipline of history, Herodotus usually being called The father of History.
Greco-Persian WarsAlexander the GreatAncient GreeceHerodotus

Question 4: [4] During the preparation of their thesis for this degree, many develop into their first book, since regular publishing activities are essential for advancement in ________.
Academic degreeHumanitiesUniversityAcademia

Question 5: If the individual is concerned with events preceding written history, the individual is a historian of ________.
Early modern periodStone AgePrehistoryAncient history

Question 6: [4] In addition, it is common, although not required, for many historians to have a ________ (PhD) degree in their chosen areas of study.
Doctor of PhilosophyPostgraduate educationAcademic degreeDoctorate

Question 7: ________ was a famous Arab scholar and historian.
Early Islamic philosophyAl-KindiAl-JahizAlhazen

Question 8: However, the most important historian of the classical world was ________ (late 1st and early 2nd century AD).
VespasianTacitusRoman EmpireDomitian

Question 9: Referred to as "the first modern historian", ________ wrote his magnum opus, The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (three vols., 1776–1788).
Edmund BurkeEdward GibbonDavid HumeDeism

Question 10: Herodotus was also known for visiting the various battle sites he wrote about, including the ________.
Greco-Persian WarsBattle of ArtemisiumBattle of ThermopylaeSecond Persian invasion of Greece

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