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Historia ecclesiastica gentis Anglorum: Quiz


Question 1: Divided into five books (about 400 pages), the Historia covers the history of England, ecclesiastical and political, from the time of ________ to the date of its completion (731).
PompeyJulius CaesarLucius Cornelius SullaRoman Republic

Question 2: His interest in ________, the science of calculating the date of Easter, was also useful in the account he gives of the controversy between the British and Anglo-Saxon church over the correct method of obtaining the Easter date.
ComputusLiturgical yearByzantine calendarGregorian calendar

Question 3: [23] He writes approvingly of Aidan and ________, who came from Ireland as missionaries to the Picts and Northumbrians, but disapproved of the failure of the Welsh to evangelize the invading Anglo-Saxons.
BrendanSaint PatrickCeltic ChristianityColumba

Question 4: [11] He also drew on ________'s Antiquities, and the works of Cassiodorus,[13] and there was a copy of the Liber Pontificalis in Bede's monastery.
JosephusJesusFirst Jewish–Roman WarHerod the Great

Question 5: [7] The fourth book begins with the consecration of Theodore as ________, and recounts Wilfrid's efforts to bring Christianity to the kingdom of Sussex.
Rowan WilliamsThomas CranmerArchbishop of CanterburyChurch of England

Question 6: It was printed for the first time between 1474 and 1482, probably at ________.

Question 7: N was copied in the 9th century by several scribes; at one point it was owned by St Hubert in the ________.
WalloniaArdennesMeuse (river)Liège

Question 8: [4] The second book begins with the death of ________ in 604, and follows the further progress of Christianity in Kent and the first attempts to evangelize Northumbria.
Catholic ChurchPope John XXIIIPope Gregory IPope John Paul II

Question 9: [4] For example, although Bede recounts Wilfrid's missionary activities, he does not give a full account of his conflict with Archbishop ________, or his ambition and aristocratic lifestyle.
Theodore of TarsusHonorius of CanterburyJustusAugustine of Canterbury

Question 10: In 1722, John Smith obtained the Moore MS., and also having access to two copies in the ________ was able to print a very high quality edition.
GalbaCaesar (title)AugustusCotton library


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