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Question 1: Phagocytosis is the main process of macrophages and ________ presentation the main property of dendritic cells (so called because of their star-like cytoplasmic processes).
Polyclonal B cell responseImmune systemPhagocyteAntigen

Question 2: [5] The ________ embeds this interpretation into its name.
MelanomaMycosis fungoidesLangerhans cell histiocytosisSystemic lupus erythematosus

Question 3: Skin Langerhans cells express CD1a as do cortical ________ (cells of the cortex of the thymus gland).
Immune systemHaematopoiesisAdaptive immune systemThymocyte

Question 4: The derived cells migrate from the bone marrow to the ________ as monocytes.
PlateletBlood plasmaBloodRed blood cell

Question 5: Histiocytes are derived from the ________ by multiplication from a stem cell.
Lymphatic systemBone marrowImmune systemHematopoietic stem cell

Question 6: Their main activity is antigen presentation, they express Factor XIIIa, CD1c and Class II ________.
Human leukocyte antigenHLA-DRHLA-DQB1Major histocompatibility complex

Question 7: The histiocyte is a tissue ________[1][2][3] ("histo-" = "tissue", and "-cyte" = "cell").
MacrophagePhagocyteMonocyteWhite blood cell

Question 8: A subset of cells differentiates into Langerhans cells; this maturation occurs in the squamous epithelium, ________, spleen, and bronchiolar epithelium.
Immune systemLymph nodeLymph vesselLymphatic system

Question 9: They express LCAs (leucocyte common antigens) CD45, CD14, CD33 and ________ (also expressed by T Helper Cells).
CD4CD23CD8Interleukin-7 receptor

Question 10: Histiocytes have common ________ and immunophenotypical characteristics (demonstrated by immunostains).


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