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Hispanic American wars of independence: Quiz


Question 1: The following year, at ________ on May 24, 1822, Sucre's Venezuelan forces finally conquered Quito.
Ecuadorian War of IndependenceEcuadorMilitary career of Simón BolívarBattle of Pichincha

Question 2: The conflicts can be characterized both as ________ and a wars of national liberation, since the majority of combatants on both sides were Spanish Americans and goal of the conflict for one side was the independence of the Spanish colonies in the Americas.
Military historyChemical warfareNaval warfareCivil war

Question 3: The ________, which had been an important social and political institution during the colonial period, initially came out weakened by the end of the conflicts.
Pope Gregory IPopeCatholic ChurchPope John Paul II

Question 4: The Spanish American wars of independence were the numerous wars against Spanish rule in Spanish America that took place during the early 19th century, from ________ until 1829.
November 1January 11808July 9

Question 5: For the next two years two armies of Rioplatense, Chilean, Colombian and Peruvian patriots were destroyed trying to penetrate the royalist bastion in the ________ regions of Peru and Upper Peru.
Physical geographyAndesGran ChacoGeography

Question 6: In addition, the borders were also not firmly established, and the struggle between ________ and centralism, which begun in independence, continued throughout the rest of the century.
Inter-Parliamentary UnionConfederationEuropean UnionFederalism

Question 7: The political debate seeking answers to these questions was marked by a clash—at times on the battlefield—between liberalism and ________.
ConservatismTraditionalist conservatismLiberal conservatismConservative political parties

Question 8: On January 28, 1821, the ayuntamiento of ________, declared the province an independent republic that chose to join the new nation state of Gran Colombia.
Valencia, CaraboboCiudad BolívarMaracaiboCaracas

Question 9: His troops marched through the cities of ________ with the hope of extending the uprising to the civilian population, but locals were mostly indifferent.
Galicia (Spain)AndalusiaSpainCastile and León

Question 10: Independence destroyed the de facto ________ that was the Spanish Empire.
CyprusFranceTrade blocSingapore


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