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Hispanic America: Quiz


Question 1: "Hispanic America" also contrasts with "________", which is usually equated with Ibero–America, but, depending on definition, often includes the former French colonies in the Western Hemisphere.
AmericasLatin American cultureSouth AmericaLatin America

Question 2: The term "Hispanic America" contrasts with "Ibero-America", which comprises Hispanic America together with ________, a Portuguese–speaking nation often referred to as "Portuguese America" in history books.
MozambiqueEast TimorBrazilPortugal

Question 3: Although some of these countries later become colonies of other countries (________ of the United Kingdom in 1786 and Puerto Rico of the United States in 1898), Spanish is the most spoken language in them.
The BahamasAntigua and BarbudaBarbadosBelize

Question 4: In all of them, Spanish is either the main language or shares this position with one or more indigenous languages (such as Guaraní, ________, Aymara, or Mayan), or English (in Belize and Puerto Rico).
Dutch languageSpanish languageQuechuaQuechuan languages

Question 5: [7] Canada (9,984,670 km²) and the United States (9,826,630 km²) occupy a combined area of 19,811,300 km², and ________ occupies 8,511,965 km².
PortugalMozambiqueBrazilEast Timor

Question 6: These countries have significant cultural commonalities with each other and with ________, whose colonies they were formerly.

Question 7: It was adopted by all the states of Spanish America during the Pan-American Conference of the same year in ________, Uruguay.
Buenos AiresQuitoLimaMontevideo

Question 8: The deep lilac color of the crosses evokes the color of the lion on the ________ of the medieval Crown of Castile.
Royal coat of arms of ScotlandRoyal coat of arms of the United KingdomUnofficial emblem of TurkeyCoat of arms

Question 9: In comparison, the population of Anglo-America (United States and Canada) is approximately 337,000,000, while that of ________ is 192,000,000.
East TimorPortugalBrazilMozambique


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