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Question 1: Hispanic (Spanish: hispano, hispánico) is a term that originally denoted a relationship to the ancient ________ (geographically coinciding with the Iberian Peninsula).
LusitaniaGallaeciaHispaniaRoman Britain

Question 2: Still more recently, the term has also (or alternatively) been used to denote the culture and people of countries formerly ruled by Spain, usually with a majority of the population speaking the ________.
Portuguese languageFrench languageSpanish languageRomanian language

Question 3: Genetic studies on the (male) Y chromosome conducted by the ________ in 2008 appear to support the idea that the number of forced conversions have been previously underestimated significantly.
Leeds Metropolitan UniversityUniversity of LeedsUniversity of SheffieldUniversity of York

Question 4: From this tribe's name had derived the name of the Roman province of ________, which was a part of Roman province of Hispania, and Lusitania remains Portugal's name in Latin.
LusitaniaHispania TarraconensisHispania BaeticaGallaecia

Question 5: There are also the now Catholic-professing descendants of marranos and the Hispano crypto-Jews believed to exist in the once Spanish-held ________ and scattered through Latin America.
Great PlainsMountain StatesSouthwestern United StatesSouthern United States

Question 6: Hispanic and Latino at the ________
Open Directory ProjectJim BarksdaleTime WarnerLife (magazine)

Question 7: [14] The ________ - Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs encourages the same self-identification.
United States Department of Commerce and LaborUnited States CabinetUnited States Department of LaborBureau of Labor Statistics

Question 8: In addition, due to the high national development of the diverse ________, there is a lot of music in the different languages of the Peninsula (Catalan, Galician and Basque, mainly).
Nationalities and regions of SpainNationalisms and regionalisms of SpainAndalusiaAutonomous communities of Spain

Question 9: For instance, ________ are not considered "Hispanic" by the United States Census Bureau.
Greek AmericanArmenian AmericanSpanish AmericanPortuguese American

Question 10: [10] In other ________ countries, Hispanic and Latino are not commonly used.
Spanish AmericanSpainHispanic and Latino AmericansHispanophone

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