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Question 1: 2004: 49th ________, Shōnen category for Fullmetal Alchemist[7]
Cross GameMitsuru AdachiCase ClosedShogakukan Manga Award

Question 2: She also cites Rumiko Takahashi, Shigeru Mizuki and ________ by Yudetamago as influences and is a fan of Mike Mignola's work.
KinnikumanUltimate MuscleTatakae!! RamenmanKinnikuman II-Sei: All Chōjin Dai Shingeki

Question 3: After graduating high school, she took ________ classes once a month for seven years while working on her family's farm.
Leonardo da VinciCanvasMedia (arts)Oil painting

Question 4: Born on May 8, 1973 in Tokachi Hokkaidō, ________, Arakawa was born and raised on a dairy farm with five sisters.
United KingdomCambodiaJapanCanada

Question 5: Her renowned manga, ________, became a hit, and was later adapted into two television anime.
Fullmetal AlchemistNeon Genesis Evangelion (anime)Sailor MoonYuYu Hakusho

Question 6: [3] Her own career began with the publication of Stray Dog in ________'s Monthly Shōnen Gangan in 1999.
Final FantasySquare EnixSquare Co.Square Enix Europe

Question 7: [4] In July 2001, Arakawa published the first chapter of ________ in Monthly Shōnen Gangan.
Fullmetal AlchemistSailor MoonYuYu HakushoNeon Genesis Evangelion (anime)

Question 8: [5] When the studio Bones adapted it into an ________ series, Arakawa aided them in developing it.
Traditional animationSilhouette animationAnimationAnime

Question 9: [2] The series won the 49th ________ in the shōnen category in 2004.
Shogakukan Manga AwardMitsuru AdachiCross GameCase Closed

Question 10: She is currently living in Tokyo and has published three more works, Raiden 18, Souten no Koumori (蒼天の蝙蝠 Bat of Blue Sky?), and ________.
Gangan ComicsHero TalesJapanYen Plus

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