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Hiram Stevens Maxim: Quiz


Question 1: Maxim died in ________ and is buried in West Norwood Cemetery.

Question 2: Their updated design, referred to as the ________ after Maxim's resignation from the board in 1911 on his 71st birthday, was the standard British machine gun for many years.
Lewis GunVickers machine gunMills bombLee-Enfield

Question 3: Maxim held European ________ in China in low esteem, for reasons described in the scrap-book.
IslamMissionaryChristianityState religion

Question 4: Maxim emigrated to ________ in 1881 and became a naturalized Briton in 1899.
ScotlandBritish peopleWalesEngland

Question 5: He became an apprentice coachbuilder at the age of 14 and ten years later took up a job at the machine works of his uncle, Levi Stephens, at ________.
Fitchburg, MassachusettsLeominster, MassachusettsWorcester, MassachusettsGardner, Massachusetts

Question 6: With arms sales led by ________, variants of the Maxim gun were bought and used extensively by both sides during World War I.
AthensIstanbulBasil ZaharoffGreece

Question 7: Sir Hiram Stevens Maxim (February 5, 1840 – November 24, 1916) was an inventor born in America who emigrated to England and adopted ________.
Maltese nationality lawImmigration to the United Kingdom since 1922British nationality lawUnited Kingdom

Question 8: [4] However, he was involved in several lengthy patent disputes with ________ over his claims to the lightbulb.
Edwin J. HoustonAlexander Graham BellElihu ThomsonThomas Edison

Question 9: Nevertheless, his company built several more rides of various sizes at The Crystal Palace and various seaside resorts including Southport, New Brighton, and ________, all of which opened in 1904.
BlackpoolCheshire EastBlackburn with DarwenWarrington

Question 10: The ride was similar to the later Circle Swing ride, popularised in the ________ by renowned roller coaster designer Harry Traver.
PhilippinesAlaskaCanadaUnited States


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