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Hippolyta: Quiz


Question 1:
Which of the following titles did Hippolyta have?
Queen of the Amazons
Elections in New South Wales
A Word to the Wives...

Question 2: ________' ninth labour for Eurystheus was to obtain Hippolyta's girdle.
ApolloHeraclesGreek mythologyTrojan War

Question 3: In one version of the story, ________, disguised as an Amazon, spread rumours among the Amazons that Heracles was trying to kidnap their queen.
HeraApolloHermesGreek mythology

Question 4: Hippolyta first appears in myth when she encounters Theseus, king of Athens, who was accompanying ________ on his quest against the Amazons.
HeraclesTrojan WarApolloGreek mythology

Question 5: After Heracles obtained the girdle, ________, one of Heracles' companions (along with Sthenelus and Telamon), kidnapped Antiope, another sister of Hippolyta.
DemosthenesAlexander the GreatAlcibiadesTheseus

Question 6: In Greek mythology, Hippolyta or Hippolyte (Ἱππολύτη) is the Amazonian queen who possessed a magical girdle she was given by her father ________, the god of war.

Question 7: In another version, she survived and was abducted by ________, who made her his wife.
Alexander the GreatAlcibiadesTheseusDemosthenes

Question 8: Thereafter Theseus and a pregnant Hippolyta returned to ________.


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