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Question 1: With a loosening of immigration in Iran the route has again become somewhat feasible, although continuing conflict in Iraq, Afghanistan and parts of ________ make the route difficult to negotiate.

Question 2: [1] An alternative route was from Turkey via Syria, Jordan, and Iraq to ________ and then east.
PakistanIranAzerbaijanIran–Iraq War

Question 3: Further travel to southern India, ________ (then called Ceylon), and points east and south to Australia was sometimes also undertaken.
MaldivesMalaysiaPakistanSri Lanka

Question 4: The Soviet Union invaded ________ and the Shah was deposed by an Islamic revolution in Iran.
NATONon-Aligned MovementCentral Intelligence AgencyAfghanistan

Question 5: ________ - 17th-19th century Continental tour undertaken by young European aristocrats, partly as leisure and partly educational.
Grand TourFemale sex tourismTourismHotel

Question 6: Tony Wheeler, the creator of the ________ guidebooks made in his early days a publication on the hippie trail called "Across Asia On The Cheap".
PassportLonely PlanetRough GuidesBanana Pancake Trail

Question 7: One of the key motivations was the desire to travel as cheaply as possible, mainly to extend the length of time away from home, and so journeys were carried out by thumbing (________), or cheap, private buses that travelled the route.
SlovakiaHitchhikingUnited KingdomUnited States

Question 8: The guidebook company ________ got its birth when its founders published writings from their overland trip, driving from the UK to Australia.
PassportRough GuidesLonely PlanetBanana Pancake Trail

Question 9: In recent years, due to the increase of ________ and low-cost flights, new "hippie trails" have been formed and have accompanied the original hippie trail of the '60 and '70's.
US AirwaysLow-cost carrierLondonSouthwest Airlines

Question 10: The 1971 edition of The ________ (The Last Whole Earth Catalog) devoted page 302 to the Overland Guide to Nepal.
Whole Earth CatalogCoEvolution QuarterlyBuckminster FullerStewart Brand

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