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Hipparchus: Quiz


Question 1: The Chaldeans also knew that 251 synodic months = 269 ________.
MonthJulian calendarIslamic calendarGregorian calendar

Question 2: Hipparchus himself observed the summer solstice in 135 BC, but he found observations of the moment of ________ more accurate, and he made many during his lifetime.

Question 3: Most of what is known about Hipparchus comes from Ptolemy's (2nd century) ________, with additional references to him by Pappus of Alexandria and Theon of Alexandria (ca.

Question 4: ________ had at the end of the 3rd century BC proposed two models for lunar and planetary motion:
Apollonius of PergaAristarchus of SamosAutolycus of PitaneEratosthenes

Question 5: With an astrolabe Hipparchus was the first to be able to measure the geographical ________ and time by observing stars.
Antarctic CircleLatitudeEquatorPrime Meridian

Question 6: The established value for the ________, introduced by Callippus in or before 330 BC was 365 + 1/4 days.
Tropical yearLongitudeUniversal TimeTime

Question 7: M44 Praesepe at SEDS (________):
University of ArizonaRutgers UniversityArizona WildcatsArizona State University

Question 8: Although he wrote at least fourteen books, only his commentary on the popular astronomical poem by ________ was preserved by later copyists.

Question 9: Rackham (1938), ________ 330 p.207).
AlcibiadesLoeb Classical LibraryDemosthenesPlato

Question 10: Before Hipparchus, Meton, Euctemon, and their pupils at ________ had made a solstice observation (i.e., timed the moment of the summer solstice) on June 27, 432 BC (proleptic Julian calendar).

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