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Hinduism in Bangladesh: Quiz


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Question 1: However, barring the fundamentalist [2] Islamist parties such as ________, all the major political parties have fielded Hindu candidates.
Tehrik-e-Jafaria PakistanJamiat Ahle HadithJamaat-e-IslamiJamiat Ulema-e-Pakistan

Question 2: ________ or "Upper-caste" Bangladeshi Hindus, unlike their counterparts elsewhere in South Asia, ordinarily eat fish & chicken.
BiharUttar PradeshBhumiharBrahmin

Question 3: The most important temple in terms of prominence is the Dhakeshwari Temple, located in ________.
JakartaDhakaKuala LumpurBeijing

Question 4: The events were widely seen as a repurcussion against the razing of the ________ in India[8].
Babri MosqueHaji Ali DargahMecca MasjidJama Masjid, Delhi

Question 5: However, in the lead up to the 1971 ________, the Hindus and Muslims united under one banner to liberate the nation.
Bangladesh Liberation WarEast Pakistan Air Operations, 1971Operation JackpotOperation Searchlight

Question 6: The principle of ________ is expressed in almost universally observed rules against eating beef.
AnekantavadaIndian philosophyAhimsaHinduism

Question 7: This centuries old Hindu temple was demolished by the Pakistan army during the ________ and around one hundred devotees murdered.
Operation SearchlightEast Pakistan Air Operations, 1971Bangladesh Liberation WarOperation Jackpot

Question 8: Zia brought back the multi-party system thus allowing organizations such as and Jamaat-e-Islami Bangladesh (an offshoot of the ________ Jamaat-e-Islami in Pakistan) to regroup and contest elections.
DhimmiIslamismIslamic terrorismIslam and antisemitism

Question 9: ________ worship in Bengal expresses the union of the male and female principles in a tradition of love and devotion.
KrishnaVishnuAvatarVishnu sahasranama

Question 10: Hindus revere many holy men and ________ conspicuous for their bodily mortifications.

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